Best Worst Introduction

I may or may not (definitely may) have a couple of half-assed blog pages floating around on the World Wide Web. Sometimes I was more challenged the act of  trying to deactivate them then I was when trying to get all of the content onto them. Therefore, they may still exist. The only thing that makes me feel not as loose about blogging is the fact that I kept coming back to WordPress. (Sorry WordPress for taking up space and being one of those). There’s just something about your first that makes it seem like it’s okay to return to them time and time again. No matter how much you think you guys have drifted apart. I’m back to say that all ends now; we officially go together. This time I feel as though I’m dedicated. Hell, I almost went with the “Entrepreneur” upgrade…. until I saw the total. It’s possible Scrooge and I share similar characteristics in the financial department.

Moving forward, I’m sort of your typical person. Acknowledging all ambiguities of that term, albeit. I enjoy long walks on the beach while sipping mojito’s, vacationing to different parts of the world, and backpacking from hostile to hostile whenever I get the chance. PSSSSH– I WISH! I’m a single mom that goes to school and works both full-time. Mojito’s aren’t strong enough to make up for some of the weeks that I have but I’ll drink them anyway to be cute. As far as sipping a mojito though? I think not, nor can I remember the last time I did. I pretty much inhale them before the waitress can set them down in front of me.

Quiet time or “me” time is something I have found to be essential to my sanity, thus the thought of a nightclub makes me dry heave. To fulfill my needs in that department I fell in love with reading years ago. NERD ALERT! It’s one of my favorite “shut-up-I’m-clearly-busy” pastimes. When I finished plowing through the books, I happily retreated to pencil and paper. Once upon a time I actually spent entirely too much time drawing. Now I spend too much time going over my budget. I remember getting fussed at for drawing on bills and other important documents my parents “needed”. To my defense, my dad did it too. That set the tone that it wasn’t a big deal, but I guess not. Whatever.

Despite how boring I want to insist my life is, I’ve come to know that’s simply not true. I have a horrible habit of  shelving the things I truly enjoy doing such as: going out to new restaurants, traveling , theater, drawing, writing, staring out a window with out someone yanking my arm out the socket screaming “mom” repeatedly and much more fun activities. I’m so over that shit. I want to share with everyone the specific kinds of crap that I encounter from day to day or things that have been built up. Whether it be in or out of the home from family and friends, restaurants and products, tripping and taking trips —  I’m pretty sure I got some shit to talk. For the record, not all shit-talking or crap is a negative.

I  have aspirations, goals, and a bucket list to fulfill before my physical time here is up. There just comes a point in time when you have to figure out what’s the best approach for yourself in the quest of making those dreams become a reality. Personally I think I’m starting to realize that I can’t function in the same sense that I would like to. When working 8-5 Monday through Friday, coming home to a rambunctious almost 5 year old boy and the overload of homework every night, you don’t have as much freedom as you require to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As much as I insist on having all things possible in order, I should have my own life in working order as well. I don’t think its impossible, just about perspective and the choices that we make everyday. What I do know for certain is that I see it to be more feasible if I include strangers as I rearrange, subtract and add a couple of things to my life. Oddest part is… I don’t even like people.

Whew, this should be fun!