What About Me?

I really find this to be the hardest type/ genre of writing, the infamous “About Me” section. I mean, what about me so you really want to know? What turned me on to writing? How old am I? My profession? About my family? My quirks? My pet peeves? Why am I here?

Well, I just turned 24. I dispatch for the RailRoad. For now. I’m a full time student studying Psychology. Single mother of one. I love to doodle, cook, and read. I’m quirky yes, but aren’t we all? Pet peeves are overrated for this section. I’m here to share my words. I want to share my excitement. I write because I want to, have to, need to, every damn day. My blog may not reflect that yet, but it’s true.

I really love doing short stories. In fact, when I was about 7 or so I started to accumulate a binder full of crazy stories about a girl and her adventures along with pictures. I can’t remember her name or if she even had one, but this girl always encountered problems with inanimate objects and such. Example? A hideously greedy sweater that sprouted an eye dead in the middle and never wanted to leave her. Or being chased my deranged dolls, a giant bird nibbling her head off? As gruesome as it sounds, there was no blood in these pictures. She always came back to life in the following stories and remembered her previous events. I guess they were slightly horrid but I found them hilarious. And I still do.

I remember this being the happiest time period of my life. I remember life being perfect. I want to reconnect with that routine and I still want to share with those who want to read. It will be mature this time, I promise. But that’s why I’m here and that’s me.