Worldly Introductions

The most strenuous challenge is demonstrating to yourself that you are who you say you are, on a ceaseless 24-hour cycle until the clock swiftly stops.

Every day presents itself with obstacles that may pull the body so tautly in conflicting directions that one would think they were in arrangement to be quartered by horses.

Yet, with keeping optimum overriding objectives in close outlook, jailbreaking jurisdictional rules that govern your personal everyday life, challenges that are called “the mold” or “the box”.

You just figure out what path to take while you stretch everyday slowly, as you prepare for the race and you learn yourself within this time. Even if there is a blueprint, read it for knowledge but you don’t have to mind it for that print was written for and by someone else. You inhale a series of compiled deductive reasoning as you prepare you body, mind, soul, and you exhale the final product as you run like shit.

Then the sun falls as the moon rises, you lay to yourself and think about what you did wrong, and what you did right. You figure that it’s worth it to get up and do it again. You look forward to the finish line, you know you will be sore, beat up and tired, but the finish line… You can’t wait to meet formally meet your self as you introduce yourself to the world as you have known for yourself to be since the beginning. You are who you said you were. Hello.


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