One late night I’m up listening to all the cars go by outside. Everyone is still zipping by in whatever direction whether in route to and engagement or to finally arrive home and strip. I imagine. I finally close my blinds and my room is still bright as if the sun where shining from the inside. Blaming my personal and professional life, my sleeping schedule is completely out of order due to the numerous amounts of changes that I have gone through this past week or 3. This is also around the time when I convince myself that I’m not sleepy, because my eyes are wide open, and I don’t have to over extend my eyebrows to keep them that way. This time. I’m not alone tonight. Down the hall I hear the other self proclaimed “night owl”  nuking something in the microwave. I wonder where they went out to eat today. I figure minding my business is always the best choice of action though I know that may not be accurate, it’s allows less emotional energy to be exhausted. I choose to keep browsing the web and I end up exploring Groupon. I usually visit this site on my phone to which I’m navigating directly to where I want to be. Tonight I’m changing it up, on my laptop roaming aimlessly. I come across the women’s clothing because well, that’s only natural. That would be the definition of madness right there if I had not. There are some cute dresses, sweaters, socks and then comes the underwear. Bras! No girl can ever have enough, duplicates or all different. I see such an incredible deal of 6 or 7 beautifully colored bras for $29.99 and I brainlessly already have the pop down menu open looking at the sizes when I just stop. I stare. I try to scroll down even further, but it seems I was doing so only to confirm the information already presented to me. Then being as clever as I imagine I am, I come up with a different approach for the issue currently glaring from my screen. I peek down my shirt. No amount of room left in my bra that I would want to give up for such a delicious deal. So I go back to the pop up menu and take one more go at getting the must be broken pop up window to scroll down further just a little more. I knew it would happen and I run into the same saddening outrageous brick wall.

When you are sitting on the left edge of your empty bed, closest to what is easily the loudest window in the room, trying to figure out if you can compromise or negotiate the size of your perfectly fitting bra in order to take advantage of an equally perfect opportunity on Groupon, this… this is the definition of madness.


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