Without the Other Sight

From a delicately young age until now I have led every step blindly. At times I was able to detect the inner light that suggested what route I should take however, I have never had sight that was uncomplicated. I really don’t know how I’ve made it this far in a world such as this that’s inclined to devour anyone with weakness. At first I didn’t really notice that something was wrong. How would I? The state that I’m in is one of which I have done most of my growing. I didn’t realize when I lost or after a while even neglected such solid foundation that then, I also lost what would have made everyday life a little more painless. It took until now to notice that something is wrong. I think there may be a few people who are aware of the issue and have either corrected it, caught the issue earlier on, or never let such thing consume them. To starting a whole new journey allowing me to slowly open my eyes, finally, tuning into who I sincerely am without all of the blinding opinions and suggestions of others. No, I have not been medically diagnosed as one without sight. Yet being that I’m so unbalanced I can’t access my chakra’s, it’s the same as stating that I’ve been leading my life blindly.


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