I got you later. Hell, if I can remember that later. I’ma need a drink later. All of these fucking favors. But I’ll come back to that later. I write this place down to check out later. Ugh, another text message, I’ll reply later. A phone call? Later! I’d appreciate some time to myself later. Then get together with an adult male later. In the night, lol. But still later. Cause the boy got basketball later. And I want to get up sooner than later. Aw shit, I don’t think this homework could be any later. But my grade couldn’t be any greater :). I said I wouldn’t brag until later. Isn’t it always until later? Said I wouldn’t continue my education until later. Or visit Africa until later. Or constant little shit like not do my eyebrows until later. I don’t know what’s so special about later. When the hell is later? I forgot who I’m supposed to meet later. Or who I said I would reply to later. Or what I was going to do later. Or who I was going to do later. Dammit, maybe everything will fall en order later


via Daily Prompt: Later


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